Research and scientific interests

My primary research interest is with understanding patterns in local and global biodiversity, particularly for freshwater fishes, and always with a strong computational element. Here is a brief summary of some of my broader research interests:
Phylogenetics and evolution
Phylogenetic hypothesis testing using multilocus and genomic datasets
Investigating temporal patterns in diversification using molecular dating
Biogeography and phylogeography
Speciation and adaptive traits
DNA barcoding and biodiversity informatics
Investigating quantitative techniques for biodiversity assessment
Tools for regulatory applications (e.g. trade in ornamental fishes)
Improving standards and developing new approaches in data analysis
Taxonomy and systematics
Describing species and integrating DNA data into taxonomic practice
Species delimitation using coalescent models
Assessing congruence and conflict between morphological and molecular datasets
Enhancing the value of museum collections and historical literature
Field collections and regional checklists
Ecology and conservation
Assessment of biodiversity, ecology and trophic linkages using eDNA techniques
Human impacts and invasive species